Chinese Tonic Herbs For Americans

There are common traits shared by humans. They are: the capacity to love another, to seek health and happiness, to feel complete, and to want to share these qualities with everyone. The ecosystem is complex, yes, but that doesn’t mean it has to be confusing. Many are hitting the books and searching the internet for elements which conduct positive energy, conduits to a better standard of living.

For Americans, there are so many expectations. We have big shoes to fill and we wear them proudly. Despite our confidence, it is evident that several methods and technologies from psychological treatment to the medical industry fall short of the high water mark that quivers in the peak of our imaginations. We want something deeper, more pure, and longer lasting.

In the latter half of the twentieth century, science and myth came to a head. The rediscovery of particular Chinese herbs called tonics became the crowning achievements for many academic and medical practitioners. Although these herbs such as reishi, jiaogulan, schizandra, and goji berries have been used for countless generations in the orient, there is now a large scale revival of their consumption within America.

Reishi is a mushroom that is extracted into a tea or powdered form. It is called the “herb of immortality.” As the king of herbs, it is the most revered herbal substance in Asia having an immune modulating effect of the highest degree. It regulates the body’s systemic functions, balancing excessive or deficient shortcomings. It is extremely high in phytochemicals and is a great mood enhancer with no contraindications or side effects.

Jiaogulan is known as “poor man’s ginseng.” This adapogenic herb that has many constituents and benefits to list works by lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, and also aids in digestion. Daily ingestion through tea improves strength and endurance, regulating the immune system, and providing an over-all anti-aging effect, reducing inflammation and fatigue.

Schizandra is a berry. Its name literally means “five flavors” and it is one of the most elite herbs in TCM. It is an amazing sex tonic and beautifying herb. It is also beneficial to the eyes, skin, hair, mental capacity, and is a great aid in detoxification. This wonderful fruit tonifies internal organs and tissues while offering a sense of vitality and invigoration.

Often used in conjunction with schizandra are goji berries. They may be the most delicious herb known to the world. These small, plump berries pack quite a nutritional punch! In the superior class of herbs, this tonic cleanses the blood, improves and protects eyesight, benefits the liver and kidneys, and maybe most importantly, replenishes vital essence (Yin Jing).

Tonics are very inexpensive for the benefits that are given. In addition, only small doses are needed to produce vast reserves of energy, mobility, and joy. All tonics are classified as adaptogens, meaning that they work with the mind and body, not pushing or draining the system, just balancing it. Try incorporating some of these ancient Chinese foods into your American diet and in no time at all you will notice the difference.